Lighthouse is a management consulting firm specializing in the rapid resolution of operational bottlenecks, thus liberating a client’s ability to grow and increase corporate value.

The Lighthouse team of operations and technology specialists implement dependable, cost-effective improvements to business processes, organizational systems and technology, accelerating achievement of a client’s desired outcomes. From core business process challenges, to complex compliance and security environments, to lagging M&A integrations, the Lighthouse hands-on team simply makes operational problems dissolve.


technology investmentsOperations & Infrastructure

The Lighthouse Operations and Infrastructure Group specializes in overcoming operational bottlenecks, optimizing business processes and automating a business with appropriate levels of reliable technology. These activities commonly include such strategic initiatives as infrastructure, systems and data security upgrades, cloud transitions, and communications & data management architecture upgrades – while providing the tactical managed IT support services required to meet a client’s day-to-day needs… learn more

Challenged with operational bottlenecks? Are your business processes, infrastructure, business systems, security and data management in good shape? Request a Business & Infrastructure Assessment to find out.

iStock_000044718556SmallM&A Support Services

Lighthouse M&A Support Services Group assists clients in preparing for acquisition, the preparation for an initial Public Offering (IPO), performing due diligence on acquisition targets, the integration of newly merged businesses and executing Divestitures. Working closing with our client’s executive management team and its advisors, Lighthouse provides the hands-on, ground-level support that helps assure maximum value extraction for owners and acquirers alike…. learn more

Are you ready for an IPO or being acquired? Will you get the valuation you deserve? Request an M&A Preparedness Assessment to find out.

Security and Compliance

The Lighthouse Security & Compliance Group specializes in the assessment, audit and upgrade of a client’s security and compliance environment. From assessments to audits, employee behaviors to corporate culture and information handling, and data management processes to systems, storage and backup, Lighthouse quickly assesses and closes any gaps, vulnerabilities or loopholes that may threaten your business, employees, customers, vendors and other key stakeholders.

Data, systems and security breaches are more common than ever. Malware, phishing schemes and ransomware can cripple a business with just one click, without warning. Ask Lighthouse for a Security and Compliance Assessment to reinforce your ability to grow and remain secure.