Lighthouse is a management consulting firm, specializing in operations, technology, and M&A. With offices in Silicon Valley, Portland, OR and Seattle, WA, Lighthouse has two main services groups – Information Systems and Integration Strategies.

Our Information Systems group handles both strategic projects and ongoing support services to meet clients’ technology, systems and infrastructure needs. These engagements run the gamut from process optimization, to systems architecture, IT security, cloud transitions and outsourced IT support.

Our Integration Strategies group specializes in corporate development initiatives such as preparing clients for IPO’s or Acquisitions, providing operations due diligence, handling M&A Integrations or executing Divestitures. Quite remarkably upwards of 75% of all M&A transactions fail to achieve their objectives. Our unique methodology reverses that statistic, achieving an 86% success rate.

We typically start all engagements with a Business and Infrastructure Assessment that gives the client a road-map and benchmark against which to measure value improvement and progress. Our engagements have significant economic impact, by both reducing total operating expenses and increasing the overall value of a client’s business.




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