Agriculture information systems must be designed to address special challenges specific to the agribusiness industry.

Challenges include widely dispersed workers in predominantly rural areas with limited connectivity. Inventory often is perishable and distribution is greatly improved by adding RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) asset tracking capabilities to ensure the most efficient and fastest time to market possible, both critical success factors. Profitability depends on efficient operations.


“With the help of Lighthouse, we achieved our goal of 25% year-over-year sales growth.”

Agricultural Information Systems Challenge:

Our inventory is perishable, so there is no margin for error. We must get our product from the fields to the supermarket shelves on time, every time.


Lighthouse Information Systems teamed with our executive management to build the following:

  • New ERP system

  • Improved inventory control

  • Streamlined sales order entry

  • Reliable communications infrastructure

  • More responsive customer services

Key to Success:

Much of our mission critical communication takes place in rural areas where we face connectivity challenges. Missed phone calls, delayed email, and slow internet connections hit our bottom line in the form of lost sales and spoilage. Lighthouse Information Systems helped us design communications service to end those connectivity issues and increase profitability.

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