Some of the myriad of case studies which illustrate how Lighthouse methodologies produce real results


Lighthouse Prepares Biotech Firm for IPO and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

BiotechnologyA rapidly growing biotech firm needed to prepare for an initial public stock offering (IPO), but both its management systems and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance were found inadequate to enable that important milestone in its growth.

Lighthouse executed its SOX Coherence™ compliance preparation program, while simultaneously performing a complete management systems upgrade.

The IPO was successful, providing capital for both the organic and acquisition growth that was to follow.



Lighthouse Saves Construction Client with Improved Supply and Planning Process and Systems

Boyett Construction Lighthouse IS case study

Beset with multiple costly and crippling operational challenges, (purchasing, inventory management, logistics, and timely material availability to job sites), a California construction firm turned to Lighthouse for help.

Process-mapping the client’s business operations, Lighthouse was able to optimize processes, create lean and 5S visibility triggers, implement decision heuristics and relieve the pressure on overloaded purchasing agents by automating purchasing and inventory management.

Results included improved visibility of material supply vs. demand, improved project management and purchasing productivity, accurate inventory and supply timing and reduced inventory carrying costs.

“The results of this project – reduced inventory, improved employee efficiency, improved project timing – was more than we could have wished for. It enabled our competitive success during the toughest time of the recession. It has proven an invaluable strategic asset for our business.”  – Vern Boyett, CEO and Owner



Lighthouse Saves Backyard Grills Manufacturer Using Simple, Practical, Inexpensive Solution

Traeger Grill Lighthouse IS Case StudyTraeger Grills was struggling with inventory tracking difficulties, made more complex by multiple product models, multiple languages spoken by employees, English-only labeling and a time-consuming inspection process required for individual accessory bag contents.

Asked to install an inventory tracking system Lighthouse examined the current shipping and inventory tracking process and suggested simply “color coding” the bags with a $100 tagging gun.

This simple, easily trained and adopted practical solution solved the client’s inventory problem affordably and rapidly and was quickly integrated into the inventory management process.



Lighthouse Enable Uesugi Farms Phenomenal Growth

Uesugi Farms, Lighthouse IS case study

Numerous operational challenges encouraged Uesugi Farms to call upon Lighthouse for assistance: poor coordination of produce receipts, misplacement of sorted inventory, inefficient labor utilization and problematic customer communication systems. Compounding these challenges was an unresponsive IT group, holding the firm hostage.

Lighthouse diagnosed each core problem and tailored solutions with minimum dependence on complex tech solutions.

After these liberating solutions, revenue increased 25% year-on-year.

“Without assistance from Lighthouse we would never have been able to achieve our 25% year-on-year growth. They broke down the logjams in both our customer communications and receiving of goods.”


Lighthouse Relocates Business Offices for Annual Concours d’Excellence Charity Event at Pebble Beach

classic cars, Coeur d'Excellence, Lighthouse IS case studyManagement at Pebble Beach engaged Lighthouse to relocate business operations from their offices in Carmel CA to the famed golf course for this internationally renowned classic car show and charity event. Because of its international scope, high-visibility, short time window to execute and the implications of success or failure on both the level of charitable contributions and the event’s reputation, everything needed to work flawlessly.

Surveying the needs of all parties, Lighthouse simplified the IT and communications environment to its essentials and executed the relocation in six hours. The set-up included servers, Wi-Fi and a communications environment that accommodated live streaming/broadcasting via satellite. Performance was flawless – especially during the crucial 2.5 hour period of the car judging.


Lighthouse Pulls Off Over-the-Weekend Product Line Acquisition Transfer and Start Up

An after-market dashboard manufacturing firm acquired a product line and challenged Lighthouse to transfer the line and start it up in its new facility over a weekend – with no interruption in customer service or delivery, under the new firm’s brand name, logo, website and email addresses.

Lighthouse’s proprietary project management methodology (LPMM™) and experience in handling complex, challenging projects enabled the client to shut down on Friday, move and set up all manufacturing assets, and begin producing product under the new corporate name the following Monday.


Lighthouse Breaks Growth Logjam at Rapidly-Expanding International Supplier of Automation Equipment

DW Fritz, Lighthouse IS case studyInternationally renowned automation firm DW Fritz sought out Lighthouse to help with a persistent, and increasingly threatening, bottleneck to its growth – the functioning of its IT systems and support. A Lighthouse Business & Infrastructure Assessment (B&IA™) revealed numerous dysfunctions within the firm.

Lighthouse project management and support services eliminated the bottleneck, enabling the company to grow and build its employee base from 65 to 250 in just two years – additionally absorbing a 250 employee acquisition in China.



Lighthouse Assists Biotech Client in Acquisition Due Diligence and Integration – Saving the Client $ Millions

biotech, due diligence,Lighthouse IS case study, IPO, Asked to assist a client with the integration of a newly acquired business 2,500 miles away, the Lighthouse team traveled to assess and begin the integration task. During the assessment, a major problem was discovered regarding the ownership of key intellectual property (IP) associated with the acquisition’s major product offering. Lighthouse highlighted this issue and the problem was resolved, enabling a multi-million dollar adjustment (in favor of the client) to the acquired company’s sales price.

In addition, a planned transition of the acquired company’s ERP systems was judged extremely costly and non-essential to the successful integration of the two firms. This saved the client an additional high six-figure cash outlay.