IT Cloud

There has been little more transformative in the world of information and systems management in recent years than the emergence of the Cloud. From reduced systems maintenance, to improved data storage, to security, the touted promises of this technology have been promoted enthusiastically. However, inexperienced implementers often have little true understanding of, and rarely consider, the significant implications and risks associated with its adoption. And there are implications. And risks.

At Lighthouse we design, plan and execute strategically sound Cloud migrations. What is different, better and less risky about our approach is our commitment to understanding our client’s business objectives and compliance & security environment first – before adoption and implementation. This reasoned approach permits Cloud implementations in a strategic and safe way – achieving the real benefits quickly while improving security, ensuring backup, minimizing risk to critical data and assuring compliance with customer and government data storage requirements.

If you are looking to achieve a well-considered and implemented Cloud Implementation, contact Lighthouse. We know how to achieve the benefits and reduce the risks.