As the owner of a Construction firm you probably have more challenges than time.

You probably can’t tolerate distractions that keep you from dealing with the real-world challenges you are facing today. Challenges like:

  • Finding and training enough skilled workers Construction-large-300dpi-2575424

  • Grooming the next generation of leadership

  • Adopting technology to improve profitability, increase throughput and remain competitive

  • Managing and complying with ever increasing regulation

You need solutions to those challenges that work together and are not cost prohibitive.

Lighthouse has a track record of helping Construction firms deal with their challenges in creative ways. We’re an IT and M&A services company focused on common sense solutions – not just technology. We make IT distractions and dysfunctions go away. We bring technology in only when absolutely needed. And, we assure that all that we do increases the economic value of your firm.


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If you need to make IT problems and distractions go away, while implementing creative approaches to improving your profitability and competitiveness, call Peter Adams, CEO of Lighthouse at 408.884.3690 or email