Let Lighthouse handle the details of divestiture of a business

Divesting a business typically takes valuable resources away from running a firm’s core business. Rather than risk the taking your eye off the ball in the execution of a divestiture, Lighthouse can provide the support you need for the planning, extraction, execution and integration of that business into its new home.

Whether it’s a management buyout or transfer of ownership to another public or private firm, Lighthouse has the experience and proven methodology to assure that the program is planned and executed in a “bumpless” manner.

Here’s what a client said:

“I had no real idea of the capabilities, depth and horsepower of their organization until we were challenged with the acquisition and integration of a product line from another firm.  Lighthouse was able to surgically extract the acquired product line and its support systems from the parent company, integrate them into our operations across town and, most amazingly, they executed this over a single weekend.  The old company shipped their last orders on Friday afternoon, and we started taking orders and shipping product from its new home on Monday morning.”


For information and to schedule an assessment, contact: Peter Adams, Partner and M&A Integration Services Practice Manager.
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