At Lighthouse, we believe operations systems and technology should serve your business – not the other way around.

A firm’s operational systems are the drive-train of its commerce, running beneath the surface, supporting and enabling everyday activities. As such, they can be taken for granted, only garnering attention when they break or begin to inhibit growth.  Because of their essential function, making changes, repairs or upgrades is as challenging as working on the drive-train of your car while driving down the highway.  The financial, customer service, inventory, quality, compliance and workforce consequences can be significant and have long term adverse impact if such programs are not executed quickly and effectively.

Your business is dynamic and so are the systems and technology sustaining it.  So, in the planning, management and execution of all our assignments, we keep the ultimate business objective clearly in mind, and assure that the technology and systems that drive operations work to enable and accelerate the achievement of that business objective – not the other way around.

Our Managed IT Services typically incorporate a combination of the following items:

Business Process Optimization

Systems & Infrastructure Assessments

IT Security and Compliance

Managed IT Services

IT Special Project Management

Cloud Conversions

User & Help Desk Support


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