Acquisition Preparedness Initiatives improve business valuation, reduce risk and shorten earn-out



Research has revealed that more than 75% of M&A transactions fail to achieve the results they were expected to – and half of those that fail, actually destroy value.

There are a handful of common causes for such a miserable track record.

We at Lighthouse have participated in and supported hundreds of business ownership transitions – from IPO, to acquisition (on both the buy and the sell sides) to divestiture.  We know, first hand, the reasons for failure and how to avoid them with thorough assessments and preparedness.

We have developed a proprietary M&A / IPO Preparedness Assessment that reveals both latent issues and value-enhancing opportunities that could either crater or accelerate a deal closure, lengthen or shorten an owner earn-out period or depress or enhance valuations.

Such Lighthouse evaluations have both saved and added millions of dollars of valuation impact.

How it works

To request a preliminary discussion or an M&A / IPO Preparedness Assessment, contact Peter Adams, Lighthouse CEO and M&A Practice Leader: 831.818.5100 or

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