The success of an acquisition is only realizable after its financial, operational and organizational integrations are complete and things are running smoothly.

The success of mergers and acquisitions is not real at the time the papers are signed and cash transferred. The reality is that upwards of 75% of M&A initiatives fail to deliver their originally intended economic promise.

That’s why insightful preparation and skilled integration is so essential -and that’s what Lighthouse M&A Integration Services delivers.

Lighthouse provides client executives the confidence to know that it has an experienced and expert integration team, driving to assure that the original intent of the merger or acquisition is realized.  Lighthouse not only oversees the integration of processes, people, culture and technology but also adds an objectivity in decision making that avoids politically-influenced or technology-driven mistakes.

This executive perspective is what makes Lighthouse different – and the wise choice for executives wanting smooth and objective-driven business integration that minimizes disruption and achieves objectives quickly.


For more information, contact Peter Adams, Lighthouse CEO and M&A Integration Services Practice Manager at 831.818.5100, via email at or use our Contact Us page.

For more details on the kinds of value Lighthouse M&A Integration Services can deliver, well beyond a typical IT systems integration project, read our blog post on the 5 Essentials for Assuring M&A Integration Success.