Firms of any size and business specialty depend on the internet and thus are vulnerable to breaches of information and data security.

To protect and counteract that threat, most companies revert to and depend on technology. Yet, the fact is the vast majority of data and information security breaches are NOT traceable to technology deficiencies, as much as to breaks in user security and information handling disciplines.

The Lighthouse Security & Compliance Group specializes in the assessment, audit and upgrade of a client’s security and compliance environment. From assessments to audits, employee behaviors to corporate culture and information handling and data management processes to systems, storage and backup, Lighthouse quickly assesses and closes any gaps, vulnerabilities or loopholes that may threaten your business, its employees, customers, vendors and other key stakeholders.

Data, systems and security breaches are more common than ever. Malware, phishing schemes and ransomware can cripple a business with just one click, without warning.

Ask Lighthouse for a Security and Compliance Assessment to reinforce your ability to grow and remain secure.