consulting discussion with laptopsLighthouse assures that your business strategy drives your technology – not the other way around. 

We assure your technology supports your business goals, and doesn’t constrain them.

We formulate solutions that enable achievement of the strategic objectives of your company.

We make IT issues go away – managing your IT, so it does not manage you, and keeping IT off the agenda at your staff meetings.

We drive operational costs down. In a survey of clients, we found that they typically realize a 4% reduction in total operating expenses during the first year.

We insist on high performance standards.

We change your IT culture – for the better through full transparency, accountability and disciplined management.

At Lighthouse we maintain a strong set of performance standards for our entire staff, customizing them for your needs. We collaborate with you and agree on metrics that will serve to gauge success. And we will report on that progress on a regular basis in language that your executive staff will understand. We adhere to the highest standards – Ours.  With Lighthouse, you know what success looks like at all times.